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June 17, 2023
Pet Service ROGU-IIN
As a Faber Partners Group

Cats and representatives

Hello, I'm Takishita.

7 dogs (2 angels), 6 cats + α large family

Acquire specialized skills and knowledge,

From June 2020 after gaining experience

As a pet sitter

I've been active.

For me, this job is truly my calling.

See what we've experienced.

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Dogs and representatives


October 2019 

I wanted to work in animal protection and related work, so I have been working as a clinical laboratory until then.companywill leave the company at the expiration of the contract. theSoon after, I started studying for various qualifications.In preparation for opening in June 2020, I will start studying for exams and creating a website.

June 2020 

Due to the revision of the animal welfare law, the procedures will be completed immediately and the store will open on June 8th.However, due to the expansion of the new corona, the streets are banned from going out.Even though it is quiet without even a single inquiry, it will be sailing in a huge wave.


January 2021 

While the new corona is still spreading, we hope to receive requests little by little.Become.


September 2021 

The first protected cat, "Sumomo", the pheasant tiger, was welcomed from the guardian of Chiba Prefecture.


January 2022 

I don't know how long this new corona will continue, but it will still exceed the previous yearnumberI'm going to have a request.


August 2022 

With the help of the owner of Sumomo, we welcomed Anzu, the second white pheasant cat from Chiba Prefecture.


June 2022 

Second year of opening. By chance, a black and white cat began to live in our house.Details are posted on Instagram, but full-scale voluntary protection activities will begin


September 2022 

He lost his beloved Pomeranian dog, Pudding, to illness.Departed just 3 weeks after onset. The birthday of the beloved dog Pudding, the parking lot in front of the houseToA kitten appeared. At this rate, you will be run over by a car.Help before you think of what to doTwo pups safely unarmed because the only option isprotect the The girls of protection cat No. 4 and No. 5Log in staff as Coconutbecomes.


October 2022 

Succeeded in protecting Black Cat Berry at the same time as a big catch of coconuts.


November 2022 

Succeeded in the bloodless protection of the white cat lychee, which has a long history of being a stray. Report it to the police station as found property.


January 2023 

Two months of hell with coconut nuts and berry lychee soundsRequesting castration surgery to the animal hospital in quick succession. Because Higashimurayama City has no subsidies for protectionIt was a self-pay operation.


March 2023 

On March 1st, Coconut Berrylitchiis a lifetime employment contract as a pet service ROGU-IIN team Higashimurayama staff nyanzu? to tie


June 2023 

Decided to expand the business in order to continue conservation activities on its own.The trade name was changed to [Fabel Partners], and [Pet Service ROGU-IIN]​Start as a group business.


This is ROGU-IIN's team section.


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I am always looking for new encounters.

Please contact me.

Please refrain from contacting the vendor

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