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Usage flow

MacBookPro on Desk


​Please contact us

Contact us from your computer or mobile phone

please give me

​Please tell us your general customer information

and we will send you a rough estimate



Prior meeting

​Go home when the date is decided

Please visit, pets and family

I will meet you

Please fill out the contact form

​ *Advance meeting fee: 2000 yen

Includes chart creation fee and transportation expenses

Caressing a cat



Please consider face-to-face and estimate

If you are satisfied, we will sign a contract

If there is a change in the meeting form, correct it


Read the contract and sign the contract

I'll enjoy having this


Keeping keys andpayment

Hotel Key

Once you have signed the contract, we will send you the key and the price.

I will keep it *Regarding key managementhere

The key is a document that fills in the custody period

I will give it to you, so please take good care of it until the end

please keep

Payment will be made in advance in cash.

Best companion


On the day of the sitter

We will inform you of the visit time in the morning of the day

Be sure to contact us during the sitter


We will report with photos and videos

​If you have any questions

I will respond as much as possible


Returning Keys

Wix Branding

After contacting you on your way home, we will ask you to return it.

If it is not convenient for you, please make a separate request.

Mailed by letter pack with tracking function

​Currently letter pack as a countermeasure against infection

Please return it at

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