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We will answer

1 / Prior meeting

Please contact us by phone, email, or add a friend on the line.

We will listen to your requests regarding care and create a medical record.

We may take pictures with a mobile phone camera to improve our service.

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, we will not disclose information to third parties.

If you use the walking course, you will walk with us.

Pre-meeting fee 2000 yen (transportation fee included)

If you use a paid parking lot, it is the actual cost.

2 / Contract

Please let us know your desired course and schedule when you contact us.

We will send you a quote before the meeting.

After you are satisfied, we will sign a contract.

Please confirm the contract on the spot.

Self-signature and seal (signature acceptable)

If the contract date is near, we will keep the key and charge for it.

You can also sign a contract only.

We will also respond to urgent requests (excluding busy seasons)

3 / Payment

At the time of contract, please pay in advance or cash.

Customers who do not charge a fee can also deposit by bank transfer.

Please contact us in other cases.

4 / Key storage

Regarding the storage of keys, new customers will be asked to keep them at the time of contract, and repeat customers will be asked to keep them by the day before their care.

We will try to accommodate you as much as possible, but we may not be able to meet your request during the busy season.

Please also consider using a security key box

If you wish to bring it to our home, mail it in a letter pack, or use it regularly, you can keep your home key at our shop.

Please contact us

5 / Key storage and security

We will keep the key entrusted to us by you until you return it.

My home is contracted with Alsoc Security and I will be careful about handling the key.

We will send it by letter pack after work.

Our shop is covered by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Co., Ltd.'s pet sitter insurance.

We will pay close attention to your care, but in case of emergency, we will respond in good faith.

6 / Handling of valuables

Our sitter service will take care of your pet while you are away.

Please take care of your valuables by yourself.

Please take measures such as placing it in a room that is not allowed to enter or storing it in a safe.

Even if you point out the loss, we will not take any responsibility.

Please note that if a situation occurs that damages the relationship of trust, we will not make a contract in the future.

7 / Specifying the time of visit

At our shop, we cannot specify the visiting time due to relationships with other customers.

However, we will visit you at the closest possible time to tell us roughly morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night, etc.

8 / Cancellation

At our shop, we will charge a cancellation fee for cancellation due to customer's convenience even though you have contracted.

80% the day before 100% on the day

Cancellations during peak season will be charged 100% regardless of the number of days

※Busy season: spring, GW, summer, SW, winter

9 / Medication

I think there are many people who are having trouble with medication

We sitters would like to help as much as possible, but we cannot do it because it is the exclusive work of pet animal nurses.

Please take medication or inject by yourself.

10 / Small animals other than dogs and cats

We only take care of dogs and cats.

Other small animals cannot be serviced

However, we will use our sitter service to feed and exchange water for small animals such as goldfish and birds for long-term contracts.

Pets that feed on living creatures are excluded.

11 / Safe for women and foreigners

I will take care of you

Even for foreigners who have difficulty Japanese conversation, we will translate most of the contracts into English and other languages.

Thank you!​

12 / About social media posts

At our shop, we will deliver photos and videos of your care to our customers.

We will not post the photos and videos sent to us on SNS etc. for advertising purposes.

13 / Personal Information Protection Law

Please click here for details.

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